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Brautigan, Richard, [Richard Brautigan -- B&W Photo]

A Pilgrimage, August 1982

Richard Brautigan was the author's literary hero. In 1982. One year before Richard committed suicide, the author, following clues in The Tokyo-Montana Express found Richard's ranch in Pine Creek, Montana and was invited back for coffee the next day. This is the text of that meeting.
Portrait in Light and Torment                   A portrait I painted of Richard. 

An excerpt from the book.

I go back to my car. There is a road a little ahead to the right that rounds the side of the property. I drive slowly. As I turn the corner I can see behind the house. There is a short field in front of the barn. It's fenced in with barbed wire. The grass is cut. My eyes widen at the wheelless hulk of a black Thunderbird. There are two people lying on the shiny hood. I recognize him at once: Richard Brautigan and a beautiful, but not oriental brunette. Wasn't his wife in Tokyo-Montana Express oriental? Was he divorced already? Or was it just a story? They are drinking white wine from large, long stemmed glasses. As I pull over staring, the light of the afternoon seems to be caught in the pale yellow of the wine. They look up at me. My heart's hammering, holding my copy of Tokyo-Montana Express and shaking slightly, I get out of the car.

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