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The Complete Ginseng Grower's Manual -- Perhaps the best book available on raising ginseng in the field or woods.  $89.95 includes postage and handling.  ($11 to Canada).  

8-1/2" by 11"  172 pages, plus13 pages of photos, spiral bound notebook.

This book was put together over the years we published Curran's Ginseng farmer in Marathon County Wisconsin. It includes the best tips on ginseng growing we could find from experts in the field. We tried to make the book as complete as possible. Although, most of the commericial growers in North America have used this book, it is also geared toward people just trying to start small gardens. Both woods grown and cultivated ginseng are covered.

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The Small Ginseng Grower's Manual -- This is a shorter version of the above book. It contains everything a small grower needs to get started.  It does not contain the charts and extended discussion for advanced growing techniques.  40 --8-1/2" by 11" pages, unbound.  $9.95 + $2 for postage and handling.  You must order this book from us, it is not available from bookstores.  Send Money Orders to D F Curran Productions, P.O. Box 3141, Missoula, MT 59806. Or order via paypal.

The Ginseng Disease and Pest Reference Guide

8-1/2" by 11" spiral bound notebook. $89.95 includes postage and Handling ($11 Cananda)

This book is a collection of techniques used for battling disease and pests in the ginseng garden. It extends the information in the Grower's Manual. Old techniques, new techniques, organic and chemical controls are covered.

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