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How to get a hole-in-one every time a fun 60 second movie for the whole family Golf Elves

Golf Elves Row to the Green


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One of the Best Novels on Golf Ever!


What happens when YOU hit a golf ball?

2) Master Your Golf Game: Subliminal Training CD

Golf Ball on Tee

The problem most of us have is that when our ball doesn't land where we intended--we tend to start thinking too much.  Real golf skill is unconscious.  We are programming our bodies to hit the ball properly when we practice--but when we are on the tee, fairway or green its not time to be thinking, it's time to let the skills we've develop take over.

By using this unique subliminal programming CD we can program our subconscious to:

°Help us relax and not get caught in the "overthinking our shot" trap.

°Help us learn from every shot you make.  (We all tend to kick ourselves over bad shots, but few of us learn enough from the good ones.)

Subliminal Brain °Build the self-confidence we need to focus, relax, and just send that ball where it has to go!

°Rid ourselves of subconscious inhibitors--i.e. belief's we may secretly harbor that our game is at its peak and will never improve.

°Help us enjoy practicing.
This item ships in a carboard CD mailer only.
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add $1.50 to your order amount for extra postage.

array case cover

Will I be able to hear the subliminal affirmations?
No, all you will hear is the soothing sounds of an peaceful exotic forest.

Do I need to concentrate on listening to the CD?
Not at all, that is one of the beauties of this method of teaching yourself a skill.  You can even read while listening, or watch golf on tv. 

Guarantee:  If you practice the weakest part of your game for at least an hour a day, three times a week or more [for most people this is putting--and playing a game does not count--you need to practice putting (or the weakest part of your game if it is not putting)] and listen to this CD once a day or more (remember you can play this in the background while you do almost anything else),  for a period of 4 weeks.  We will refund your purchase price if you do not see a marked improvement in your game.

Secrets of Subliminal Affirmation

Subliminal messaging is powerful. And we’re not the only ones to know it.    Back in the 70’s the US Government banned subliminal messages on television and radio,  with reports stating they gave “individuals with too much of an edge”. Magazines such as  New Scientist have conducted numerous experiments demonstrating exactly how such  messages influence the mind. Popular bands such as Devo have claimed that embedding  subliminal messages into their music has kept them ahead of the game. Modern mind  experts such as Derren Brown and the popularized studies of controversial pioneer Dr  James Vicary all continue to keep the spark of subliminal magic very much alive.    It’s true. It exists.    Subliminal messaging can help you make lasting change, with minimal effort. It can help  you turn your eight hours of nightly sleep into a practical self-development workshop. And  wouldn’t your life be better if you could spend that time—a third of your day—just  developing new ways of working... fresh attitudes... an improved memory... better lifestyle  habits... ?    You could use it to pick up that new language within a week or two, just as Russian spies  did many years ago. You might use it boost your confidence and attract that ideal partner  into your life. You may utilize its powers to simply help you shift those extra tires from the  waistline.    There are other more diverse applications too: psychological self-acceptance, public  speaking skills, silky smooth skin, creative thinking, examination success, speed reading,  excelled business prowess, lucid dreaming, quitting smoking, razor-sharp wit, better  decision making, improved self-esteem – and much more!
But most importantly our golf games!

Just $14.95 Plus Postage

Average delivery of the Subliminal Golf Training Cd is only 3 days.