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Although we are now a movie production company our older products and sites are also available below

Movie and trailer downloads   

Gail Running in Knaptid     Joe at the kidnappers cabin

To view the trailer from Knaptid--the must see action adventure film set in the Montana wilderness--or some of our wildlife footage, click on the photos above.

Golf Elves Movie Downloads

If our Golf Elves Video isn't running, or if you'd like to download a higher quality version--please click here

True Hauntings in Montana

Kelly Saloon Movie Opening
Check out the new DVD! 
Movie versions of The Mailbox and the Kelly Saloon.
All the stories from the original book in slide show format!
50% more--new stories!
PLUS!  Montana's own bigfoot. 
Actual  photos of "The Lady of  the Mountains"

Movie Making for writers

On the set
Reviewing scripts before the scene

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Reloading  Handgun &
Rifle Ammunition




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Horn Hunting Artist

Some of the artist's wares

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Dave's Logic Puzzles


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