1,000 word Synopsis Knaptid

Copyright 2004 D F Curran Productions

Background story:  Two brothers much like Lenny and George from Of Mice and Men receive an inheritance.  The smarter brother, Sean, however, devises a plan to get all of the money for himself. He convinces his physically powerful but mentally handicapped brother, Stevie, he should have his own reality television show.  Marry a Mountain Man will be about four women deciding which one should marry Stevie.  Sean convinces Stevie he will not get in trouble if he knaps (kidnaps) women if he pays the losers $10,000 each as a consolation prize.

The movie opens with the stalking and kidnapping of the third young victim, Gail.  The next morning Gail wakes to discover herself handcuffed to a cot in a shed with two other  women, Margo and Heidi.  She also discovers she is wearing a radio dog-training collar that will shock her if she goes to far away from the small broadcasting tower, or put a bullet in her neck if she tires to take the collar off.  

Stevie makes his appearance,  bearing a HI-8 camera and welcoming Gail to his ÒtelevisionÓ show. Gail immediately foils an attempt by Margo to crush Stevie's skull, reasoning he is far to simple to devise the collars, etc.

Stevie asks Gail to unlock Heidi--Heidi's background, is explored, she has been molested by her father for years. Her  father's abuse of both Heidi and her mother is covered in flashback.  Heidi is tormented by handcuffs.

Margo gets the others to attempt escape by jumping into a pond.  Stevie saves the women from assassination by the hidden Sean by stopping them from shorting out their collars.  He knocks Margo out to do so.

Gail who has already begun playing Stevie, convinces Stevie, when Heidi fights the handcuffs, to let her handcuff Heidi later. Stevie leaves to fetch the final Òcontestant.Ó

Heidi reveals she has seen and felt someone watching them, someone with a gun.  Meanwhile, Heidi's Mom, finally, tells her child-abusing husband, Joe, a detective, their daughter is missing.

The women search Stevie's cabin  looking for a key to the collars.  They find, only, a handcuff key.  

That night they begin a more ambitious attempt at escape.  They remove the broadcaster and battery and carry it with  them in a wheelbarrow.  They only get partway down the mountain when they see Stevie, far below on a lower road, returning.  They hide the wheel barrow and broadcaster--still in range of their prison--and run back.  Their plan is to wait for Stevie to drop off the new girl then run again.  The truck arrives playing loud music, but the new girl is never brought in.  

Meanwhile, at the police station, Joe overhears a profiler telling another detective, that in the case of previously abused girls who have been kidnapped, many reveal their abusers after the kidnapping experience.   

The next morning Gail discovers the keys are still in the truck. She turns off the  loud music and lights and takes the keys.  With Heidi they explore to see just where Stevie might be before trying to escape in the truck.  Heidi screams as they discover the body of a dead girl on the side of the cabin.  

Stevie runs up saying it was an accident.  Telling Stevie to wait while she gets help, Gail puts Heidi in the truck and then gets Margo.  The truck, however, won't start.  The terrified girls run for it.

Joe, interviews Heidi's coworker and soon is on Stevie's easy-to-follow trail.

Soon after the women find the wheelbarrow, Margo decides to take off on a shortcut, to find help sooner.  Heidi tags along.  Not long after, Margo runs into Sean.  Heidi hides.  Sean has no choice but to kill Margo as she's seen him.  Heidi runs.  

Stevie finds Heidi and soon both catch up to Gail.  With Stevie carrying the broadcaster the three abandon the road and run up a mountainside.  Sean is soon on the trail, but when Joe's jeep shows up, Sean follows Joe instead, afraid Joe will go to Stevie's cabin.

Joe gets to Stevie's cabin and finds the body.  On the way back he runs into Sean.  Acting as if he has no interest in Sean, Joe gives Sean a story about looking for an escaped convict, then drives off.  He quickly parks and begins tracking Sean. Sean, convinced Joe was harmless, is back on Stevie and the women's trail.  

Stevie and the girls hide until they realize the broadcaster's battery,charged by a solar panel at the tower, will eventually run out. They chance going back to the cabin for a magnet Stevie tells them Sean used to get the collars off.  

Meanwhile Joe follows Sean until he realizes Sean has no idea where the women are.  Joe confronts Sean at the same time Gail goes into the cabin.

Gail finds the magnet, and gets her collar off.

Sean, confronted,  turns and shoots Joe in the leg.  Joe shoots Sean in the chest.  

Stevie comes to the cabin door to tell Gail Heidi has run off.  

Angered, Joe tortures the wounded Sean into revealing the entire plan to have his brother arrested for kidnapping, then kills Sean.  

Stevie and Gail have just caught up to Heidi and have gotten her collar off, when Joe drives up.  Heidi runs and hides.  Joe confronts Gail and Stevie with his gun drawn then spots Heidi in the trees.  As he aims to shoot Heidi Stevie steps in front of the gun.  Joe shoots Stevie and Stevie jumps on him.  As the men fight Gail tries to help Stevie but isn't strong enough to  have an impact.  She runs, retrieves the collar they just took off Heidi, and puts it on Joe.  Gail then turns off the broadcaster.  Joe is shocked. When he tries to pull the collar off, the bullet inside fires, and he is killed.  

Stevie, Heidi and Gail are now free to drive off in  Joe's jeep.  

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